New options…design a tiered cake!


It sure has been a while since the last post! Wedding season has been keeping us extra busy this year, and we have been working on all kinds of new things, which leads to this post.

As many know, we offer basic cakes with 72 hour notice, and you can find out all about those here. But, we are adding even more options and an option to design a two tiered cake so I guess they aren’t really basic any more!

If you want to design a tiered cake, we need a 3 day order notice.  These are perfect if you don’t have a theme or specific design you want but want a tiered cake or for a last minute order since our custom orders book out further in advance (we are now taking a very limited number of custom cakes so we can book up for these several months in advance-to see more of why and more details check this out!). Our design a cakes require a 3 day notice so if you need a cake for a certain day, here are the days to order them by:

  • Saturday pickup- order by end of business day Wednesday
  • Monday pickup- order by end of business day Thursday
  • Tuesday pickup- order by end of business day Friday
  • Wednesday pickup- order by end of business day Saturday
  • Thursday pickup- order by end of business day Monday
  • Friday pickup- order by end of business day Tuesday

For these options, you can choose any texture from our basic cakes. You can do the whole cake in one texture or each tier a different texture….you get to design it yourself!

Textures to choose from are (for photos see here):

  • flat iced
  • ribbon
  • ruffle
  • petal
  • rosette
  • sprinkle
  • rustic
  • swirl
  • buttercream lines
  • sideways ruffle
  • naked
  • shell (see photo below)

Each tier can be a different flavor, and any of our cupcake flavors work in cake form. You can find a list of our most popular flavors here. If you need a gluten free option, we have gluten free chocolate and red velvet cake. Most of our fillings and frostings are gluten free EXCEPT our cookie dough frostings, malted vanilla buttercream, and cookies & cream buttercream. But, other than that, the possibilities are endless! If you are needing a gluten free option, you will need to do the entire tiered cake in gluten free since the cakes are touching. Since gluten free flour is more expensive, there is an additional cost. See below for the additional cost.

Now, for size options. For two tier cakes, we have four options available for the design a tiered cakes (note pricing does NOT include tax)

  • 5″ & 8″ cake- serves 22 $90   (gluten free cake additional $10)
  • 6″ & 9″ cake- serves 28 $115   (gluten free cake additional $10
  • 7″ & 10″ cake- serves 38 $150  (gluten free cake additional $15)
  • 8″ & 11″ cake- serves 46 $175   (gluten free cake additional $20)

And, we now have three tier options! For three tier cakes, we have three size options available:

  • 5″ 7″ & 9″ cake- serves 38 $175  (gluten free cake additional $15)
  • 5″ 8″ & 11″ cake- serves 52 people $215  (gluten free cake additional $20)
  • 6″ 9″ & 12″ cake- serves 64 $255 (gluten free cake additional $20)

Not only do you get to choose size, flavors, textures, and colors, you can also choose to do other add-ons such as name, age, banner, plaque, ombre frosting, and much more! To see options for the names, age, banner, & plaques, check out this blog.

For polka dots, it is an additional $7 for up to 2 colors, $10 for up to 3 colors, and $15 for up to 6 colors. If you do ombre frosting on one tier, it is an additional $5, and if you do ombre frosting on both tiers, it would be an additional $10. Ombre frosting textures are available on petal, rosette, ruffle, ribbon, buttercream lines, swirl, and shell.

We are now offering even more add-ons! You can get one or both tiers covered in silver or gold sequins!


On a 5″ or 6″ tier, it is an additional $20. For the 7″or 8″ tier, it is an additional $25, the 9″ or 10″ tier would be an additional $30, and the 11″ or 12″ tier is an additional $35.

You can also now add on either a pearl cluster border or pearl dots:

For a 5″ tier, it is an additional $10, for a 6″ 7″ or 8″ tier, it is an additional $15, for a 9″ 10″ or 11″, it is an additional $20 per tier.

We also have 4 types of sugar flowers available too! These would be just what you need for a bridal shower cake or to make a birthday cake extra special. The peony  is about 4.5″ and is an additional $18 for white and $30 for a color.


Next up, we have a rose. The rose is about 4″ and is $12 in white and $22 for a color.


Then there is a sugar magnolia. This sugar flower is about 4.5″ inches and is $15 for white and $25 for a color.


And, last but not least we have the sugar carnation! These are about 2″ and they are $4 for one white one or 3/$10. If you do a color, it is $5 for one or 3/$12.


Here are some examples, but the possibilities are endless!

buttercream ruffle rainbow ruffle

cake 1 cake 3

cake 2cake 6

10cake 5

design 212

And, we added a new texture called shell that is shown on the top tier of this cake!

design 1

If you are interested in placing an order for one of our tiered cakes you can design yourself remember, we just need a minimum of 5 days notice (and we are closed Sundays so if you need a cake for Sunday, it would be picked up on Saturday and have to be ordered by the end of the business day on Monday).

To order, you can call the shop at 873-0880 or send an e-mail to If you send an e-mail, be sure to include the following:

  •  date of pickup
  • tiered cake size
  • frosting textures (note which tier is which texture)
  • frosting colors (note which tier is which color)
  • writing or add-ons (and colors you want for each)

Thanks so much for stopping by! And, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook, and be sure to check out our mini dessert and coffee bar Bites!




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