2014 Easter Cakes & Desserts

Easter is a few weeks away and hopefully Spring is here too! That means we have some Easter cakes and other sweets for you to order for your family gatherings!

We have 5 Easter cake designs this year. We brought 2 back from last year, and then we made 3 new designs. For the following cakes, we have two sizes you can choose from. A 6 inch, which serves 8 and is $30, and an 8 inch, which serves 16 and is $50. We will be taking cake orders through the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 16th, and you can choose from chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet.

Here is one of my favorite designs…the robin's egg cake:

We also have a Peeps cake…one of the most popular Easter candies….

If you prefer a chick to the Easter bunny, how about this cute cake (this also matches our macarons that are below)???

And, if you want to do an Easter bunny cake without Peeps, you can do our white bunny cake with his cottontail…and how cute are these ruffles???

This last design was our most popular cake from last year…it is the tree stump with the Easter bunny! This cake will be available in a 6 inch 3 layers and will feed 12 people, and is $65. I seriously adore this cake!

If cake is not your thing, you can also order sugar cookies or French macarons. How cute are these Peeps cookies???

The Peeps sugar cookies are $36/dozen, and you can get all chicks, all bunnies, or an assortment of each (either on a stick or not). And, our macarons (which are gluten free!) are super cute too!

The chick macarons are $14/dozen, and the Easter bunny macarons are $24/dozen. The minimum order is a dozen per design and per flavor. Our macaron flavors are:

  • almond
  • blueberry
  • butterbeer
  • coconut
  • key lime
  • lemon drop
  • malted vanilla caramel
  • espresso
  • salted chocolate caramel
  • raspberry
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon hazelnut latte
  • strawberry
  • honey lavender
  • thin mint
  • French toast

To place an order for a cake, macarons, or sugar cookies, you can send an e-mail to mica@confectioneiress.com or you can call the shop at 873-0880. We will be taking orders for all custom Easter sweets until the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 16th, so get your order in soon!

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (at confectioneiress). Thanks so much for stopping by! 





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