Paper Hope & Mother’s Day Cakes

Easter is over and now Mother's Day is approaching. If you follow us on Facebook. many of you know that last year we had Mother's Day cards from Paper Hope. Paper Hope makes cards with a cause. They exist to raise awareness and support to help women and girls escape human trafficking and prostitution and learn about the hope of Jesus. Their goal is to raise money to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of children and families who are learning how to live differently. All of the proceeds from the card sales go towards this cause.




















This year, we have all three card designs in the shop available for purchase. All cards are $20, and as we mentioned, 100% of the proceeds go toward the cause so it is a card plus a donation in honor of your mother. Here are the three cards we have available in the shop this year:

In addition to the cards this year, we are also selling custom cakes for Mother's Day with two of the Paper Hope designs. We are offering them in two sizes. A 6 inch cake serves 8 and is $40, and the 8 inch cake is $60 and serves 16. For both cakes, we are donating $20 to Paper Hope, and these are the two designs. We are doing the cakes in vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate, and they will be available for pickup on Saturday, May 10th.

The floral design:

And, the watercolor design:

We will be taking orders for these Mother's Day cakes through the end of the day on Wednesday, May 7th. To place an order, you can call the shop at 873-0880 or send an e-mail to And, even if you don't get a cake for your mom, you can come in any day and get your Mother's Day card from Paper Hope.

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Graduation Cakes

Easter has come and gone and it is almost May…with that means the end of school and the start of graduation season!

We do hundreds of gradation cakes each season, and it is never too early to get your order in for a cake or desserts. There are lots of options for your party. You can do a cake, a sheet cake, cupcakes, or a dessert bar. We can match school colors to just about anything! Mini cupcakes and a small cake are super popular for graduation open houses since people can sample multiple flavors or just eat one mini cupcake since they might be going to multiple parties. Also, then you don't have a large cake that you have to worry about cutting. We also do other mini desserts, and you can see some of your options on our website.

It seems like IU cakes are always the most popular. Here are a few we did last year:


If you are a Purdue grad, this one is for you!

And, this past year, we finally got to do a Ball State University cake….I loved this one!

And, if you are a nursing student, how cute is this one????

And, of course, we can match high school colors to. These were for Zionsville graduates:

Also, you can see some other cakes from last year's post too.

No matter what kind of desserts you want, feel free to send us an e-mail to or call the shop at 873-0880 to get your name down. With graduation season starting when wedding season starts to get into full swing, it is never too early to get your order in! always, don't forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest happenings and to be the first to know when Bites will be opening!

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2014 Easter Cakes & Desserts

Easter is a few weeks away and hopefully Spring is here too! That means we have some Easter cakes and other sweets for you to order for your family gatherings!

We have 5 Easter cake designs this year. We brought 2 back from last year, and then we made 3 new designs. For the following cakes, we have two sizes you can choose from. A 6 inch, which serves 8 and is $30, and an 8 inch, which serves 16 and is $50. We will be taking cake orders through the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 16th, and you can choose from chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet.

Here is one of my favorite designs…the robin's egg cake:

We also have a Peeps cake…one of the most popular Easter candies….

If you prefer a chick to the Easter bunny, how about this cute cake (this also matches our macarons that are below)???

And, if you want to do an Easter bunny cake without Peeps, you can do our white bunny cake with his cottontail…and how cute are these ruffles???

This last design was our most popular cake from last year…it is the tree stump with the Easter bunny! This cake will be available in a 6 inch 3 layers and will feed 12 people, and is $65. I seriously adore this cake!

If cake is not your thing, you can also order sugar cookies or French macarons. How cute are these Peeps cookies???

The Peeps sugar cookies are $36/dozen, and you can get all chicks, all bunnies, or an assortment of each (either on a stick or not). And, our macarons (which are gluten free!) are super cute too!

The chick macarons are $14/dozen, and the Easter bunny macarons are $24/dozen. The minimum order is a dozen per design and per flavor. Our macaron flavors are:

  • almond
  • blueberry
  • butterbeer
  • coconut
  • key lime
  • lemon drop
  • malted vanilla caramel
  • espresso
  • salted chocolate caramel
  • raspberry
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon hazelnut latte
  • strawberry
  • honey lavender
  • thin mint
  • French toast

To place an order for a cake, macarons, or sugar cookies, you can send an e-mail to or you can call the shop at 873-0880. We will be taking orders for all custom Easter sweets until the end of the business day on Wednesday, April 16th, so get your order in soon!

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Basic Cakes…what they are & how to order!

We make lots of cakes every week, and not every single cake is a custom/themed or tiered cake. Lots of our cakes are also what we call a basic cake, but they are anything but basic! Basic cakes are perfect if you don’t have a theme or special design you want, don’t want a tiered cake (but if you do, we have a design-a-tiered option for that too!), or for a last minute order since our custom orders book out further in advance (we are now taking a very limited number of custom cakes so these can book up several months in advance and for more info, you can check out this blog post!). Our basic cakes require a 3 day notice so if you need a cake for a certain day, here are the days to order them by:

  • Saturday pickup- order by end of business day Wednesday
  • Monday pickup- order by end of business day Thursday
  • Tuesday pickup- order by end of business day Friday
  • Wednesday pickup- order by end of business day Saturday
  • Thursday pickup- order by end of business day Monday
  • Friday pickup- order by end of business day Tuesday

For flavors, we offer any of our cupcake and cake flavors as an option. We have list of our most popular flavors on our website and you can check them out HERE! A basic cake is just one tier so it can just be one flavor, and the flavors listed on the website are a combination of cake, frosting, and filling flavors (for example, salted chocolate caramel is a chocolate cake, caramel filing with sea salt, and chocolate buttercream).

We also offer gluten free! We have chocolate and red velvet gluten free cake, and you can still choose tons of frosting and filling options to go with them. Pretty much everything EXCEPT any of our cookie dough frostings, malted frosting, and cookies & cream frostings will work! Additional pricing is as follows:

  •  4″ – 6″ cakes- additional $5
  • 7″ – 10″ cakes- additional $10
  • 11″ – 14″ and half sheet cakes- additional $15
  • full sheet cake- additional $30
  • If you do a tiered cake, the ENTIRE cake must be gluten free to avoid cross contact

Our basic cakes are round cakes that serve 4-50 people.. Here are the sizes to choose from with pricing (pricing does NOT include tax):

  • 4 inch- 4 servings $15
  • 6 inch- 8 servings $25
  • 8 inch- 16 servings $45
  • 10 inch- 26 servings $65
  • 12 inch- 36 servings $85
  • 14 inch- 50 servings $110

Even though we call the cake a basic cake, it doesn’t mean it is boring and there are no options and you can still customize it to match your party! We can still match colors with frosting, sprinkles, and writing. There are even different textures to choose from and add-ons! They are:

flat iced








cake 4


vday 2

buttercream lines




sideways ruffle



mom 1


And, if you want our most popular cupcake in cake form, the chocolate chip cookie dough cake would look like this…

Once you pick your size, flavor, and the texture of cake, you can pick your frosting color. We have lots of colors to choose from and can still custom match a color if you have something specific in mind.

Next up is sprinkles….and, these are only some of what we have!

Then, you can do writing (and pick a color) like this:

Or, you can do an add-on if you want to make it a little more fancy. You can add:

name (additional $4)- for gold & silver-metallic or glitter additional $8

banner (additional $4)- handpainted in gold or silver $12

age/number  (additional $3)

Or, you can do an age or number in metallic silver or gold or in gold or silver glitter (additional $6)

or a plaque with fondant letters (additional $6)

And, now you can get a hand painted plaque (additional $12)

You can also add ombre, which can be done in rosette, ruffle, ribbon, swirl, buttercream lines, shell, and petal textures only (additional $5)

Or, if you want to do more colors, you can do rainbow to the ruffle texture ONLY (additional $10)

And, you can now get your whole cake covered in gold or silver sequins like the top tier of this cake (if you want a tiered cake like this, check out the design a tiered blog!)


a 4″ & 6″ cake is an additional $20, an 8″ an additional $25, 10″ an additional $30, 12″ an additional $35, and a 14″ an additional $40

And, you can also now get a pearl border or pearl dots like these!

a 4″ cake with one of those options is an additional $10, a 6″ or 8″ cake is an additional $15, a 10″ or 12″ is an additional $20 and a 14″ is an additional $25.

For polka dots (one flat iced cakes), it is an additional $7 for up to 2 colors, an additional $10 for up to 3 colors, and an additional $15 for up to 6 colors.

Stripes more your thing? We have both vertical and horizontal options! For vertical stripes (up to 2 colors), it is an additional $10 for a 4″ through 8″ cake size and 9″ through 14″ cakes with vertical stripes are an additional $20. For horizontal stripes, (up to 2 colors), it is an additional $15 for 4″ through 8″ cake sizes and an additional $25 for 9″ through 14″ cakes sizes.

And, now you can add on sugar flowers. We have 4 types to choose from. First is a sugar peony which is about 4.5″ and is $18 in white and $30 for a color:


For a sugar rose, it is about 4″ and is $12 in white and $22 for a color:


For the sugar magnolia, it is about 4.5″ inches and is $15 in white and $25 for color:


And, for sugar carnations, they are about 2″ and if you get it in white, it is $4 for one or 3 for $12. For color, it is $5 for one or 3 for $12.

And, then you have picked out the perfect cake for your event!

If you are interested in placing an order for a basic cake, remember, we just need a minimum of 3 days notice (and we are closed Sundays so if you need a cake for Sunday, it would be picked up on Saturday and have to be ordered by the end of the business day on Wednesday).

To order, you can call the shop at 873-0880 or send an e-mail to If you send an e-mail, be sure to include the following:

  •  date of pickup
  • cake size
  • flavor
  • frosting texture
  • frosting color
  • writing or add-ons (and colors you want for each)
  • sprinkle colors.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook, and be sure to check out our mini dessert and coffee bar Bites!



And a very special thank you to the amazing openField photography. for taking some of the photos!