Gender Reveal Cakes, Cupcakes, & Cookies




Super sorry for a long pause in blogging! Wedding season was crazier than ever this year and I am finally finding time to catch up before the holiday season starts.

We get all requests for gender reveal desserts. In case you are not familiar, a hot new trends is gender reveal parties where the parents-to-be get together with their friends and family and reveal the gender of the baby. This can be by cutting into a cake that either has a pink or blue filling or a tinted cake inside, by using cupcakes, sugar cookies filled with candies, or even cake pops! These parties are such neat ideas, and we have done a ton of these parties in the past few months, and we have lots more to do coming up with families being together for the holidays. We even have people order them from out of state so their family can get together, eat cake, and find out in a special way even though they don't live near the parents to be. We have several orders for gender reveal cakes next week for people getting together for Thanksgiving.

We have had some parents who bring in a sealed envelope so even they will be surprised and some find out at the ultrasound and then reveal it at the party to rest of their friends and family. Most even turn it into a game and either have their friends cast a ballot to see what they think it will be or have them wear pink or blue to the party to show their support for what they think the baby is.

While we do lots of cupcakes for this, we do more cakes, and they are always adorable! I LOVE getting to see the unique invites and ways that each couple puts a spin on things. Plus, it is awesome to be a part of making this special moment memorable!

Here are some gender reveal cakes we have done recently.

For this cake, the top present part revealed the gender. They had to "open to see…"

This one was a tiered cake that had buttercream ombre ruffles…a popular trend for any cake!

And, we have even done cakes for twins! These invites were adorable, and the cake was designed to match!

And this one was a tie or tutu theme that looks like a present….

And, we can do a more simple cake with ruffles and onesies. This is one of our most popular gender reveal designs, and we can do all kinds of onesie designs and colors on this one!

If you don't want to go the cake route, you can always do cupcakes and fill them with a pink or blue filling….

And, one of my all time favorites is the gender reveal sugar cookies. I adore this idea!

There are all kinds of options that you can use to reveal the gender. It is an exciting time and definitely a reason to celebrate with dessert! The possibilities are endless for design.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what is happening and to see lots of photos. Also, you can check out our website for even more photos and to place an order.


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