Favorite Recent Cakes

It seems like FOREVER since we have posted on the blog! We have had lots going on and lots to share!

Lately, we have been making lots of cakes, and I wanted to share some our favorites. Recently, we have been making more custom cakes than ever, and we have been making all kinds of fun things!

Baby reveal cakes have become extremely popular, and we got to do one a month or so ago for a couple who were going to be surprised as well. They brought in their ultrasound photo sealed up and then waited they cut their cake to find out what they were having! The best part was, the mom to be thought it was a boy, and she said she was brought to tears when the inside was PINK! It is such an awesome feeling knowing we made an already special moment even more special! And, I loved that she went with an ombre buttercream ruffle in bright colors for this…it was such a cute cake!


We have also been doing lots of fun baby shower cakes that aren't what I would call traditional baby shower cakes. I LOVE all things different so I really enjoyed making these cakes. Both of these cakes were also neat because they were different proportions as well. I love the differences in heights of the cake layers. The owl cake was bright and fun and the alligator cake matched the nursery!





















Birthday cakes are one of the most popular cakes we make and recently, superhero cakes have become a choice for boys! This birthday cake for Roston (LOVE that name!) was fun to make and matched his superhero invites! I loved how bright it was! And, a cake doesn't have to be tiered to be cute….this Snoopy cake was so adorable! The dog house was made of rice krispies and then decorated, and the Snoopy & Woodstock were modeling chocolate. We get lots of calls even from adults who want this cake. It is still one of my favorites and it was even our most popular flavor…chocolate chip cookie dough!























And, this is one of my favorite adult birthday cakes we have made & it was for one of our most frequent customers, Faith! Her husband planned a suprise party for her, and he let me design the cake. It made me super nervous because I wanted her to love it, and I used a skirt her adorable daughter has as an inspiration for the bottom ruffle part. And, the sprinkle cakes (like the top) are still one of my favorites!




























And, then there are wedding cakes & shower cakes! October was one of the busiest months for weddings for us! I guess it is the new "it" month to get married which isn't surprising since it is beautiful this time of the year! I love the trendy brides we get to work with and I LOVED this cake. The ombre petals on this cake took forever to make, but they looked awesome on this cake, and even the catering company was impressed with this one. It looked beautiful at the reception site, and I can't wait to make another one like this one! There are so many color combos and options that you could do with this style!

















We make a lot of bridal shower cakes, but something about this one was just so elegant and simple. This shower was at Serenity in Zionsville, and the decor was beautiful. I love the blush pink with the grey and the ivory sugar flower. I can't wait to make their wedding desserts on New Year's Eve!















 Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed getting to see some of our favorite cakes! Be sure to find us on Facebook to keep up with what we are doing!






One thought on “Favorite Recent Cakes

  1. Faith Witzig says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!! I never realized you used Hopey’s skirt for the inspiration on the bottom of the cake!!!!!!!! But now that I know, it looks JUST like it!!!!!!!!!!! How incredibly special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cake will always be the best 30th birthday present anyone ever got!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


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