Easter is hopping it’s way here…

Can you believe Easter is a month away? It may not feel like spring outside today, but it is coming! We have all kinds of sweet treats for your Easter celebrations this year.

First up is cakes! We have three designs to choose from, and all cakes are buttercream with fondant accents! The first is a robin egg splattered cake with Happy Easter. It is all springy and perfect for the center of your dessert table!

easter 5

Next up is the chick cake-complete with a mohawk!

easter 3

And last but not least is the Easter Bunny (it even has a super cute fluffy tail)!

easter 4

Easter cakes come in following flavors:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • white chocolate raspberry
  • strawberry & cream
  • chocolate chip cookie dough

They also come in two sizes (all pricing does NOT include tax):

  • 6″ chick (serves 8) $40 & 8″ chick (serves 16) $60
  • 6″ Happy Easter (serves 8) $40 & 8″ Happy Easter (serves 16) $60
  • 6″ bunny (serves 8) $45 & 8″ bunny (serves 16) $65

Next up are sugar cookies! We have both royal iced and buttercream cookies to choose from.

We have royal iced bunnies (complete with a bow tie) and royal iced robin eggs!

For royal iced cookies, your options are (pricing does NOT include tax):

  • 1 dozen bunnies $48/dozen
  • 1 dozen eggs $48/dozen
  • 1 dozen mix (6 eggs/6 bunnies) $48/dozen

For buttercream cookies, we have bunnies and crosses!

For buttercream sugar cookies, your options are (pricing does NOT include tax):

  • 1 dozen bunnies $36/dozen
  • 1 dozen crosses $36/dozen
  • 1 dozen mix (6 bunnies/6 crosses) $36/dozen

For French macarons, we have some super cute designs this year! And, don’t forget macarons are gluten free!

Bunnies (these are a little over 2″) to match the cake!

easter 1

Chicks (these are 2″) to match the cake too!

easter 7

And, crosses (these are about 1″)

easter 6

For macarons, you can choose one flavor per dozen:

  • lemon drop
  • almond raspberry
  • salted chocolate caramel
  • strawberry & cream

Pricing for macarons are (price does NOT include tax):

  • bunnies $32/dozen
  • chicks $25/dozen
  • crosses $15/dozen

We will be taking orders through Wednesday, April 12th. We will be doing pickups on Saturday, April 15th, and our hours that day are 9 am to 3 pm. To order, you can either email mica@confectioneiress.com or call the shop at 317.873.0880. If you email, be sure to include the items you are wanting, quantity or size, flavors for each, and the earliest time you will be picking up that day!

And, if you need a cake for another day, be sure to check out all the options for one tier or tiered cakes with just a 72 hour notice!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to keep up with the latest with us on Facebook and see what Bites is up to as well!

Valentine’s Day Sweets!

Where has time gone? I can’t believe it is almost Valentine’s Day! Before we know it, we will be in wedding season again and spring will be here.

This year, we have some super cute sweets…cakes, cookies, and even some cute macarons!

First up is the buttercream love cake:


Second, we have hearts on hearts!


Then, we have the unicorn!


And, our last cake design is the be mine hand painted watercolor cake:


All of the cakes are 4″ so they are perfect for two (but they serve up to 4). The buttercream love, hearts on hearts, and the unicorn cake are buttercream with fondant accents. The watercolor be mine cake is fondant (buttercream is underneath the layer of fondant!).

Pricing for these are (price does NOT include tax):

  • $25 for the buttercream Love cake or the hearts on hearts design
  • $32 for the unicorn or the watercolor cake

Flavors you can choose are:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • red velvet
  • white chocolate raspberry
  • dark chocolate mousse

Next up is sugar cookies! This year, we have three cookie boxes to choose from.

First is the giant LOVE cookie. This is 10″ long!


And, you can choose either polka dots or gold sugar (NOTE: whichever design you pick, it will come in the gift box).


The second cookie box we have are watercolor hearts and the dachshund cookie (I am obsessed with this dog cookie!)


And, the last cookie box is an assortment including the dog and a unicorn:


Any cookie gift box is $16 before tax.

And, the last sweet we have are unicorn macarons!


These are 2″ macarons, and they are $30/dozen (before tax). You can pick one flavor per dozen, and the flavor options are:

  • almond raspberry
  • salted chocolate caramel
  • strawberry
  • dark chocolate mousse

We will be taking orders through Wednesday, February 8th. Pickup days to choose from will be for:

  • Saturday, February 11th (9 am – 3 pm)
  • Monday, February 13th (9 am – 6:30 pm)
  • Tuesday, February 14th (9 am – 6:30 pm)

To place an order, you an send an email to mica@confectioneiress.com or call the shop at 317.873.0880. Be sure to include design, flavor, quantity, and date of pickup!

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on what is happening and check out Bites who is starting late nights on Friday and Saturdays (this week!) and introducing an awesome new cocktail menu & savory snack menu!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Christmas Sweets!

Christmas is less than 3 weeks away so that means all kinds of parties and family get togethers, and we have cakes and all kinds of sweets that are perfect for you to take!

First up is cakes, and we have four designs to choose from this year.

Santa Claus (love his rosy cheeks!)


Christmas lights:


And lots of trees on this naked cake (please note if you order red velvet, vanilla, or white chocolate candy cane, the main part of the cake will look different since this was made with chocolate):


And, for our two tiered design, we have a jolly snowman!


All cakes are buttercream with fondant accents. For our one tier cakes, you can choose from two sizes:

  • 6″ serves 8 $40 before tax
  • 8″ serves 16 $60 before tax

For the snowman cake, it is a 5″ & 8″ that serves 22 and is $110 before tax.

For the one tier cake, you can choose ONE flavor, and for the tiered cake, you can choose a flavor for each tier. Flavor options are:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • white chocolate candy cane
  • red velvet
  • dark chocolate peppermint

When ordering a cake, be sure to include:

  • design
  • size (if picking a one tier design)
  • flavor (if ordering the snowman cake, be sure to note which flavor is top tier and which flavor is the bottom tier)
  • date and time of pickup

Next up is French macarons! Julia came up with three super adorable designs!

We have penguins:


Full bodied snowmen with scarves and cute little arms!


And then we have larger sized macarons that are snowman faces complete with rosy cheeks (to match the cake!)


For the macarons, it is a minimum order of a dozen per design and per flavor, and pricing is:

  • penguins (about 1″) $18/dozen
  • full body snowmen (about 2″) $28/dozen
  • large snowman face (about 2″) $25/dozen

We have a lot of flavor options to choose from (if you want a flavor list, just email!), but if you want holiday flavors they are:

  • dark chocolate peppermint
  • peppermint
  • eggnog latte
  • peppermint mocha
  • white chocolate candy cane
  • cranberry orange spice
  • eggnog

To order, please indicate the design, flavor, quantity, and date & time of pickup!

And, we didn’t forget cupcakes!


You get 3 of each design shown above, and they are $66/dozen. You can choose from the following flavors (and get any amount of each):

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • red velvet

To order, just let us know how many of each flavor you want as well as date & time of pickup!

And, last but not least, we have sugar cookies.

We have several buttercream cake designs:


These come in quantities of 6 per design and pricing is as follows:

  • snowman faces        $20 for 6 or $40/dozen
  • Christmas lights      $18 for 6 or $36/dozen
  • Snowflakes                $20 for 6 or $40/dozen

And, we have one royal iced design…a happy Santa Claus!


These are:

  • $36 for 6 or $72/dozen

To order sugar cookies, please indicate the design you want and quantity of each as well as date & time of pickup.

To order, you can call the shop at 317.873.0880 or email mica@confectioneiress.com. We are taking orders with a 72 hour notice on all items. The LAST day to order for pickup on Saturday, December 24th, will be the end of the business day on Wednesday, December 21st.

Also, please note that we are only open on Saturday, December 24th, from 9 am to noon.

While you are here, here are our special hours this holiday. We will be closed January 2nd through January 7th so we can spend time with our families and enjoy a much needed break so we will be taking no orders during this time. We will re-open on Monday, January 9th.


Thanks so much for stopping by! And, don’t forget that we have a lot of other cake options if you need cakes for other occasions. We have one tier cakes and two and three tiered cakes that you can order with just a 72 hour notice! Also, if you prefer mini desserts, be sure to check out all of the items we have at Bites!

Thanks so much for a wonderful year and for letting us be a part of parties and celebrations. We are excited to see what 2017 has in store and we are working on a new website that we can’t wait to share soon!

Merry Christmas…happy holidays…and a happy new year to you all!



Give Thanks!

We cannot believe that fall is here and November is already half way over! Thankfully, we survived an extra long wedding season this year. This past weekend was the last of our main wedding season and we couldn’t be more happy for a tiny little break before the holidays start.

For Thanksgiving this year, we have two designs. Both cakes are buttercream with fondant accents. First up is a scarecrow:


And our other design is Give Thanks:


Once you pick your design, you can pick one of these flavors:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • pumpkin spice
  • pecan pie (vanilla cake, brown sugar buttercream, pecan pie filling)

There are two sizes to choose from. A 6″ cake serves 8 and is $40 before tax and an 8″ cake serves 16 and is $60 before tax.

Cakes are available for pickup on Wednesday, November 23rd, and we will be taking orders through the end of the day on Saturday, November 19th.

To order, you can email mica@confectioneiress.com or call the shop at 317.873.0880. Be sure to include design, flavor, and size.

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check back in the next few weeks for our Christmas cakes and other sweets! And, for cakes for other occasions, check out this post!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!



Halloween 2016 Cakes

It is that time of year again! Pumpkin spice everything, colder mornings, leaves are changing, and Halloween is just around the corner.

This year, we have three designs for you. These cakes are available for pickup on either Saturday, October 29th, or Monday, October 31st. The first is a witch (don’t worry-she is friendly) complete with warts on her nose and some curly hair!


The second design is a furry werewolf:werewolf

And last but not least…the monster this year:


All cakes are buttercream with fondant accents and we have to size options:

  • 6″ cake- 8 servings $40 before tax
  • 8″ cake- 16 servings $60 before tax

Flavor options are:

  • chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Nerds (vanilla cake with Nerds with a vanilla buttercream/Nerds filling)
  • chocolate
  • vanilla

And, we have sugar cookies. These are buttercream and only the eyes are fondant. These come as an assortment and you can get them in quantities of 6.


  • 6 cookies are $18 before tax
  • 12 cookies are $36 before tax

To order, you can call the shop at 317.873.0880 or send an email to mica@confectioneiress.com. We are taking orders until the end of the business day (6:30 pm) on Wednesday, October 26th. In your email, please include design wanted, date of pickup (either Saturday, October 29th or Monday, October 31st), size, and flavor. If you are getting cookies, include the date (Saturday, October 29th or Monday, October 31st) and the quantity (6, 12, 18, etc).

Thanks so much for stopping by! And, as always, you can keep up to date with the latest on Facebook and see the happenings at Bites too!

Happy Halloween!



Father’s Day Cakes

Father’s Day is approaching and it is time to share cakes! We have two designs to choose from this year, and I can’t pick my favorite.

The first design is suspenders and a bow tie:

father 1

And, our second design is a coffee mug to let your day know he is #1:

father 2

Both cakes are buttercream with fondant accents.

For the bowtie/suspenders cake, you can get the following sizes:

  • 6″ cake serves 8 $45 before tax
  • 8″ cake serves 16 $65 before tax

For the coffee mug cake, it is a 5″ which serves 6 and it is $35 before tax.

For the cakes, you can choose between the following flavors:

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • coffee & cream (chocolate cake, latte buttercream, vanilla cream filling)
  • maple bacon

We are taking orders through Wednesday, June 15th. To order, be sure to include cake design, size (if doing bowtie cake), flavor, and pickup time for Saturday, June 18th.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to read the blog on our changes to custom orders and follow us on Facebook. Also, be on the lookout for some new coffee from Cask Coffee that dad will be sure to love!


Hi everyone…sorry for the delay in posts! Wedding and graduation season hit and always keeps us busier than we expect! This year seems to be even busier than last year.

With that being said, we have a few things that are changing. Pretty soon, I will be the only person doing all cake decorating, and because of this, we will be cutting way back on themed cakes. We will still offer the basic and the design a tiered cakes (like the photos below) with just a 72 hour notice, and there are plenty of options for customizing these including sugar flowers, stripes, chevron, polka dots, and more! We will try to do all that we can, but since I am just one person, there is only so much that I can do!


rainbow ruffle

So, for custom cakes, we will be limiting it to a small number each week and all future custom cake orders will START at $150 (and still be priced based on design). There also will be a $75 non-refundable deposit to secure, and the date is not secured until the deposit is paid. All current inquiries and orders will not change so no worries there! That does mean that some weeks will book up further out (especially during busy months) so we may already be booked for a date several months out due to wedding season or other large events, and if you are wanting to check a date, you can always email, call, or check the Facebook page (there is a photo pinned to the top of the page that shows dates we are booked for the themed cakes).

We hope that everyone understands and bares with us through this. We also hope that this is not a permanent change, but right now, everyone is working as hard as we can and we want to make sure that we can keep the quality of cakes you guys expect and us keep our sanity. We have the best employees and we all work as much as we can, and we do often miss out on a lot of things that we would love to do and time and events with our families. While I enjoy making cakes, I do not enjoy working 70-80  hours a week all the time (and I know the other employees do not either!). I know many people will be upset and disappointed with this change, but doing things this way still allows us to offer custom cakes and not eliminate them completely. I do not want to just cut all custom options out since I do enjoy making custom cakes for all of your events!

Thank you so much for stopping by as well as for everyone’s support and understanding! If you want to place an order or have any questions, feel free to send an email to mica@confectioneiress.com!

Have a good week!